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City walk

The capital city of Mexico is one of the largest towns in the entire world, but also one of the most cultural, colorful, and surprising. Without a good guide, it’s easy to get lost among all the incredible sightseeing, places to visit, to see, eat, or just to enjoy. This ultimate travel legend will take you on a wonderful journey around it to ensure you fell in love with this magnificent city

Trekking in Argentina

This trip will help you to experience loneliness, enjoy spectacular views of the hillsides, salt-lakes with pink flamingos, distant snow-covered volcanoes, and billions of stars at night, that you feel you can touch just by stretching your hand. This legend will take you on to a hard, challenging, and remote corner of Argentina, sometimes reaching 5k altitude above sea level.

Jungle Expedition

Deep in Guatemala jungle lies abandoned Mayan city El Mirador and only way to reach it is by feet walking more than 100km thick rainforest. 5 days of survival, adventure and breathtaking adventure.