Guided Tours

Guided tours

We will help you to fulfill your dreams by visiting remote and wild places, that you only read about on your favorite blog

Guided tours

This is your trip, invite us to join

14 day adventure trip in Guatemala with 5 day and 100km trek in a dense jungle.

2 week adventure with 9 day trek in Argentina, Atacama desert and mountain rage

16 day colorful road-trip in Mexico, that takes you from central part to Caribbean Sea

An adventure road-trip that takes you to very remote and wild parts of central Peru

An astonishing 9-day trekking and camping trail in Argentinian Andes

A wonderful 7+ days adventure in Latvia for those who love camping and water activities

Travel as explorer

Travel world rebirth


in 2020 travel world dropped back in 30 years, reaching the same statistics as in early 90′


most people say, that after traveling will be allowed again, they will choose rural and remote tourism over urban


More than 70% of travelers can’t wait to get back on adventure route


we are on the frontline to re-shape the travel industry

Rural, local and wild is the NEW future of travel world

Why You’ll Love Us

We are wild and crazy. We are tough and brave. We have been in places that most people won’t even consider to visit. Now it’s time to share. Let’s go to places other travelers never been to.

Our guided and none-guided expeditions are prepared and set to deliver you a mind-blowing experience

  • adventurous
  • wild
  • remote
  • spectacular
  • life-changing
  • rural

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Wonderful team”

The guides are incredible. They are experienced, fun, easy-going and open-minded. After such an experience together they are someone to call “friend”


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Love the freedom”

We went on a tour with a guide and although we had a plan, Ray was very flexible and adjusted the plan for any situation


Rating: 4 out of 5.

“Easy to navigate”

I followed on hiExplorers Travel Legend. And it was so easy. They have thought of every step


Some of our top none-guided Travel Legends

Our all-time Favorite routes

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